Fjord1 has chosen Multi Maritime design for the three ferries to be built at Havyard Ship Technology. The design designation is MM62FD EL, and the ferries will have capacity for 50 cars and 199 persons. Multi Maritime is grateful that Fjord1 has chosen our cutting edge solutions again.

The first ferry is schedueled for delivery in May 2018, the second and third ultimo 2018.

All three ferries will be capable of all electric operation with fast charging. Diesel engines, capable of pure bio diesel operation, will be installed as well, enabling hybrid and plug-in hybrid operation. The ferries have been designed with energy efficient hulls, equipment and systems.

Multi Maritime’s portfolio now includes more than 60 car- and passenger ferries, 19 of them for Fjord1. More than of 10 ferries have all electric or plug-in hybrid capability, confirming Multi Maritime’s leading position in zero and low emission technology and energy efficient design.