The world’s first bio-fuelled plug-in hybrid ferry

Torghatten Trafikkselskap has decided to install batteries in their new ferry of Multi Maritime’s MM63FC design being built at Fiskerstrand Verft.

Two battery systems with aggregate capacity 500 kWh, will be installed. However the capacity is 2000 kWh enabling a future refit to all electric operation.

SCR-systems for the reduction of nitrogen oxides emissions will also be installed. The engines are capable of operation on 100% biodiesel. Combined this will reduce the ferry’s environmental footprint significantly;

  • 60% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • 85% reduction in NOx emissions
  • 20% reduction in fuel consumption

The owner has received funding from Norway’s NOx fund.

The ferry has capacity for 60 cars and 6 fully loaded tractor trailers. In the spring 2017 it will be put in to traffic between Tjøtta and Forvik in Northern Norway.