• MM112FE EL

Fjord1 has ordered two new ferries of MM design. The two ferries will enter service on the Krokeide-Hufthamar route serving the island community Austevoll just south of Bergen. The construction of the first ferry, named Møkstrafjord, is already well underway at Tersan Shipyard south of Istanbul. The second ferry, named Horgefjord, will also be built by Tersan Shipyard. The first ferry shall be ready to operate from January 1st 2018, with second ferry following a few months later.

Both ferries will be arranged with a battery hybrid propulsion system. The ferries will normally operate all electric, with high capacity charging at each terminal. The Krokeide-Hufthamar crossing is approx. 7 nautical miles and service speed is approx. 14 knots. 10 minutes is allowed for charging the batteries. The vessels are also fitted with diesel generators with sufficient capacity to operate normally in case of unavailability of shore power.

Courtesy of Fjord1

Building is already well underway at Tersan Shipyard.