Multi Maritime delivers conversion design for LNG tanker

Multi Maritime AS delivers a design package for converting the car ferry Fjalir to a LNG tanker. The ferry will be converted at Fiskerstrand Verft. AGA Gas AB, which owns the vessel, has entered into an agreement with Viking Lines Abp to supply LNG, using the converted Fjalir, to Viking Lines’ new cruise ferry Viking Grace.

Fjalir as a car ferry. Photo: Fjord1

Fjalir as a car ferry. Photo: Fjord1

The conversion includes:

  • removing all existing The conversion includes:
  • removing most of the steel structures above the car deck
  • installing new watertight bulkheads below the car deck
  • installing a new accommodation block and wheelhouse
  • installing a LNG tank on the car deck

Artist’s impression of the vessel after the conversion.