FosenNamsos’ two new ferries for the Flakk-Rørvik route will be built at Myklebust Verft in Norway.

The ferries, of Multi Maritime’s design MM101FE EL, are plug-in hybrids but designed for all electric operation. Flakk – Rørvik is a major route, operated by three ferries, with more than 15 000 annual departures each way. The crossing is approx. 7 400 m, and the travel time is 25 minutes. The turnaround time is only 5 minutes, where all vehicles shall be unloaded and loaded, and the batteries charged.

Despite the short time available for charging, high voltage and high capacity charging enables the route to be operated almost all electric. Together with, a specially developed hull form, highly efficient ventilation and heating systems, automatic mooring etc., this leads to the vessel’s gross energy consumption to be reduced by more than 70% compared to a conventional diesel powered ferry.

The ferries will be 106 m long, have capacity for 130 cars and 390 passengers. The passenger lounge will be spacious with allround view and universal design.