Fjord1 orders two ferries of MM design

Fjord1 has ordered two ferries of Multi Maritime design.

Major ferry design contract

Three 140 m long car and passenger ferries for Bastø Fosen.

Stril Server delivered to Simon Møkster

Naming ceremony held at Simek 3rd of June, 2014.

Hull launching

Egil Ulvan Rederi's new fish feed carrier has been launched at Ada shipyard in Turkey.

New concept launced

Multi purpose offshore design MM 95 MSV

New ferry order

2 ferries for Boreal Transport Nord AS.

Naming ceremony for 4 ferries

Historic event at Fiskerstrand Verft, 4 ferries for Boreal Transport Nord named in 20 minutes.

The first of the four Boreal ferries launched

See a video of the launching.

Egil Ulvan Rederi orders two fish feed carriers of MM-design

The vessels will be built by Fiskerstrand BLRT and planned delivery is Q2 and Q3 2014.

Multi Maritime designs fish feed vessels for Artic Shipping

The vessels will be built at Crist SA in Poland, and planned delivery is Q1 2014.